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Pressure Washing Wilmington NC

At Absolute Detail, we take pride in preserving the value and beauty of your home.

All of our services are performed on site by a qualified pressure washer. We use only the best, most effective blend of chemicals and soft wash cleaning procedures to give optimal results. Absolute Detail provides service to siding, brick, concrete, driveways, walkways, decks, fences, pools, parking lots, restaurants, apartment complexes, parking garages, and gas stations.

Looking for reasons to pressure wash your home, walkway, deck, fence, or other beloved surface? Here are just a few of many:

Here at Absolute Detail, we want to prove to our customers a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking exterior cleaning company is only a phone call away.

We supply our techs with a career, not just a job. We only want the best techs representing Absolute Detail while on your property. This may come at a financial hit but in the end, is well worth every penny when trusting someone with your home.

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Get to know us better:

  • We’ve been doing business and satisfying customers in Wilmington, NC since 2005!
  • Fully licensed and insured – we’re ready to take on any job!
  • Comprehensive list of referrals available upon request.
  • Fully owned and operated by a Marine Corps Veteran.

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Absolute Detail Pressure Washing Service

Customer FAQ's

Do you hook up to our house water?

Yes, but we can bring our own for an additional charge.

How much water is used?

Depends on the job size. An average 1,500 Sq foot home will use about 200 gallons. Cape Fear Public Utility Authority charges approximately $8 per 1,000 gallons of water and sewer.

Will my plants be OK?

Yes, they will be fine with our chemical cleaning procedure. We do a very thorough rinse to make sure any residual chemical is washed away.

How long will it take to pressure wash my home or driveway?

That all depends on the actual job size. After doing 1000’s of homes, the typical vinyl sided, 1,500 Sq foot home takes about 30 minutes with a couple of machines running. We have washed homes before that have taken a full day. But, they were extremely large homes. A 4 car driveway can take about 30 minutes to pressure wash, rinse and apply a coating of chemical to ensure the best job.

Will you cause any damage to my home with the pressure that you use?

No damage will be done because we use LOW PRESSURE and Soft Wash procedures to clean your home.

Is there anything that I have to do prior to you getting to my home?

All we ask is that all windows be closed and locked. Remove any items on your porch or patio. Tables, chairs and grills are fine to leave out. We are more concerned with cushions, electronics and anything breakable.